Navigate the Complexities of Economic Nexus

Untitled design-8Learn how the leading industry technology can help your firm develop, launch and maintain a top-tier sales and use tax practice that is effective, scalable, and profitable. 

How to Offer Clients High-End Sales and Use Tax Services     

For this white paper, LumaTax partnered with Boomer Consulting to teach firms how to better serve their clients by offering state of the art sales and use tax advisory services.   

This white paper will teach you how LumaTax can be used to build out sales and use tax services. New tools make it easier for firms to offer sales and use tax advisory services on a recurring basis and grow firm revenue.      

In this white paper, you’ll discover how to:   

  • Understand which of your clients have nexus exposure to effectively establish a compliance plan for them.  
  • Quantify your client's economic and physical nexus exposure. 
  • Know when it’s time to properly register clients for required permits. 
  • Analyze whether or not your clients need VDAs. 
  • Adequately defend your client against an audit by providing them with the necessary documentation.  
  • Create tax summaries for each state that your client needs to file in.    

Learn how to build a sales tax advisory practice without investing heavily in staff and spending hours collecting client data and researching and applying tax laws from multiple jurisdictions. 

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