SUT Exposure

Step 1:

Survey your clients to determine who's exposed under new laws.

Our industry-first client exposure survey generates a LumaTax Compliance Score for each business to help you quickly identify those most in need of SUT advisory services and - in the process - provides you with a picture of the corresponding revenue opportunities for your firm.

LumaTax Software for CPA Firms

Get a complete picture of each clients' nexus status across the U.S. with our Nexus Overview dashboard.

SUT Exposure

Step 2:

Run economic nexus reports to determine state-by-state exposure.

LumaTax has developed an economic nexus analysis tool that automates the complexity of analyzing transactions against varying state thresholds to determine whether nexus has been established in each taxing jurisdiction.

Economic Nexus

Our economic nexus analysis reports produce a 40+ page PDF that is ready to share with your clients.

SUT Registrations

Step 3:

Submit multi-state SUT registrations with a single questionnaire.

Registration, while on the face of it seems simple, is one of the most daunting and cumbersome tasks. Let LumaTax handle the complexities of properly registering your client for the required permits.

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The Sales Tax Hub Suite:

LumaTax Compliance Score

LumaTax Compliance Score™

Quickly discover which clients are the most exposed under new laws with our LumaTax Compliance Score

Nexus Analysis

State-By-State Detail

Generate a 40+ page state-by-state economic nexus analysis report you can share with your clients.

SUT Registrations

SUT Registrations

Submit multi-state registration requests via a single, secure web form in just minutes.

Secure Document Storage

Secure Document Storage

Organize your clients' sales tax documents and notices with secure, unlimited cloud storage.

Task and Note Manager

Task + Note Manager

Keep your action items in full view with our simple, easy-to-use task and note manager.

LumaTax Compliance Score

Team Controls

Have colleagues that you need to collaborate with on LumaTax? Not a problem.

Solve sales tax with LumaTax.

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