SUT compliance remains highly complex.

Sales tax rates, requirements, and due dates vary by location, which leads to more time than you’d like to spend crunching numbers and searching for sales tax answers.

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Economic nexus laws are now in effect.

New laws have 10x'd the SUT burden on many SMBs. That means 10x the number of registrations, 10x the tax calculation settings to manage, 10x the returns to prepare and file, and of course 10x the number of agencies to avoid being audited by.

Your exposed clients need expert advice.

Businesses are looking to the accounting community to help them stay compliant. LumaTax’s suite of tools empowers your firm to develop, grow, and maintain a SUT practice that is effective and scalable for both you and your clients.

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LumaTax was built to help you help your clients.

There are a few steps you can take immediately with LumaTax to identify your clients that are exposed to the new tax laws. We’ll work with you to provide your clients with a comprehensive compliance solution and establish your firm as an essential partner to them in this area on an ongoing basis.

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