LumaTax joins Taxually

Our Next Chapter

Today, we are excited to announce that LumaTax is joining the Taxually family of tax solutions. This is an exciting milestone for the entire LumaTax team and our customers.

First, we want to extend a hearty thank you to our customers and supporters. Your collaboration with us to build sales tax advisory tools that help you deliver value to your clients has been outstanding. Thank you. 

About Taxually

Taxually was founded in 2018 and delivers Value-Added-Tax (VAT) solutions to global businesses of all sizes, from online retailers to those with complex filing requirements. 

We've joked that LumaTax and Taxually are like peanut butter and chocolate - we are great alone but can combine our strengths into something special. VAT and Sales and Use Tax (SUT) have each undergone significant change in recent years, creating new challenges for taxpayers and the professionals who serve them. Our teams aim to simplify tax compliance and reduce administrative burden with modern technology solutions. 

What's Next? 

LumaTax is not going away, and we hope you'll continue with us on the next chapter of our journey. Joining Taxually will enable us to continue to build innovative indirect tax products for professionals in leading accounting firms and enterprise businesses globally. 

Right now, the team is building new sales and tax compliance tools for multi-state return prep and filing inside LumaTax. We’re also expanding our no-code data import tool for additional data capture and efficacy for all sales tax workflows - from nexus analysis to compliance. We look forward to introducing you to our new features soon! 

We are immediately able to offer VAT registrations and filing in 36 countries through the Taxually platform. Please connect with us for more details. 

Thank you, 
Robert and the LumaTax team 

Please get in touch with us if you have questions about LumaTax joining the Taxually family.

Robert Schulte

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