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Stay ahead of the sales tax curve and solve compliance for your clients once and for all.

Sales tax compliance is complicated.

Sales tax rates, requirements, and due dates vary by location, which leads to more time than you’d like to spend crunching numbers and searching for sales tax answers.

Rates Vary By Location
Accounting Evolving

Evolving economic nexus laws don’t help.

Every state now has different revenue and transaction threshold tests for determining nexus. Online sales just got a lot more difficult to navigate.

Providing a sales tax service to your clients used to be impossible.

The cost/time benefit of handling sales tax returns was a losing battle. Thankfully, LumaTax is here to help.

Sales Tax Service

LumaTax was created to solve your sales tax problems.

LumaTax was founded by Robert Schulte, a serial entrepreneur and former sales tax auditor for the State of California. When navigating the complexity of sales tax, he's the guy you want in your corner. Robert and his growing team at LumaTax lives and breathes sales tax so you don’t have to.

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The sales tax solution built for Economic Nexus

Navigating the new economic nexus laws has never been easier.

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Our industry-first economic nexus analysis report gives you state-by-state insight into where you may need to collect sales tax.



Triggered economic nexus in a new jurisdiction? No problem. LumaTax will help you register your business for sales tax.



Automated sales tax filing is what we do. After you've registered, we'll streamline your filings and payments when they're due.

Economic Nexus
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Bring the Touch-Free Tax Return™ to your practice.

Automate sales tax filings and payments for your clients at scale. Not sure where to start? Let’s chat.

You get the hook up.

Importing your clients’ transaction data for sales tax preparation has never been easier.

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Supported Platforms
Supported Platforms

You get special treatment.

Accurate Liability Calculations

Client Management Dashboard

Imagine: All of your clients' sales tax information in one place. We make it easy to stay organized - and to add new clients as you grow your sales tax practice.

Automated Filing & Payments

Real-time Filing Activity & Reporting

Your clients have questions and our software has answers. Get the latest on the status of a sales tax return or download a copy of a historical return in just a few clicks.


Dedicated Expert Support

When it comes to ensuring your success with LumaTax, consider our team your team. With deep technical and sales tax expertise, we’ve got you covered.

You get the full power of LumaTax.

Accurate Liability Calculations

Accurate Liability Calculations

Whether you do business from one location or multiple, LumaTax has you covered.

Automated Filing & Payments

Automated Filing & Payments

Filing and payments are always on time thanks to LumaTax.


24/7 Reporting

Robust reports are always up-to-date and accessible.

Access From Anywhere

Access From Anywhere

Our web interface allows you to access and administer to your LumaTax info from anywhere.

Cost-effective Pricing

Cost-effective Pricing

You only pay for each return filed, so LumaTax scales with your business.

Audit Protection

Audit Protection

LumaTax optionally protects well qualified customers from audits and penalties.

The Result:
Client returns basically file themselves...

LumaTax works with connected or uploaded data, meaning we can support 100% of your clients.

Accurate Liability Calculations

… and sales tax compliance becomes a productive proposition:

Accurate Liability Calculations

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