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Founded by a top former California tax auditor, we know the ins and outs of the state tax code.

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We translate confusing tax forms and schedules into easy-to-answer questions.

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We notify you of upcoming deadlines and the status of your returns so you never miss a thing.

Quickbooks Online

Connect LumaTax to Quickbooks Online to file even faster than before while removing the chance of entry mistakes.

E-file everything. Lightning fast.

No more printing forms, calculating tax or navigating slow government websites.

What our customers are saying:

"Very impressed with Robert, and his team, who dealt with what to me was a ridiculously complex and confusing sales tax return. I will continue to use LumaTax and will recommend it to all my business colleagues."

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"LumaTax has set up an incredible system that helps our business grow by letting us focus on what we do best, rather than wasting countless hours and resources on the confusing, messy California sales tax laws."

Ken R. on Facebook

"I had an opportunity to use LumaTax for my sales tax needs. I could not be more impressed and will recommend LumaTax to my fellow small business friends in the future."

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